Inspection & Testing Services

TÜV Austria offers services of Quality and Quantity for fertilizers at ports, warehouses and manufacturing plants.

We complete all of the following steps for you:

  • Loading and Discharge Supervision (Loading and discharge supervision services help to protect the safety, integrity and quality of your products throughout the supply chain.)
  • Hold & Hatch Inspections / Water Tightness (Hold and hatch inspection is part of a larger service that TUV Austria provides to assure you that the cargo you ship is received in the same condition as when it was loaded.)
  • Tallying, Weighing & Supervision (This is to survey and certify the net weight of cargo.)
  • Draft survey (A draft survey is a calculation of the weight of cargo loaded or unloaded to or from a ship from measures of changes in its displacement.)
  • Tank Gauging (Tank gauging means liquid measurement in large storage tanks to determine product volume.)
  • Contractual Sampling, Samples
  • Preparation and Sealing
  • Testing and Analysis

Key Product Lines

  • Straight Nitrogenous FertilizersUrea (Prilled/ Granular), Ammonia, AS, AN, AC,CAN
  • Straight Phosphatic FertilizersSSP, TSP, Rock Phosphate (RP)
  • Straight Potassic FertilizersMOP, SOP
  • NP FertilizersDAP, MAP, APS, UAP
  • NPK Fertilizers
  • NPK and Compound fertilizer
  • Fortified & Micronutrient Fertilizer

Why Quality is Guaranteed with US

Accreditations, Certifications & Memberships

TUV Austria is accredited, certified by and is member of the following:

  • IFA: International Fertilizer Association
  • AFA: Arab Fertilizer Association
  • FAI: Fertilizer Association of India
  • IFIA: International Federation of Inspection Agencies
  • TIC Council

Geographical Footprint

We are present in all the key fertilizer producing and consuming countries.