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Specialized Competence

Profound experience, education and continuous training render TÜV AUSTRIA with its more than1,300 mostly technical employees a competent partner in all matters regarding technical safety quality and environmental protection.

Quality - Assured Services

TÜV AUSTRIA’s organization and quality management ensure standardized procedures within the scope of services, independent by which division or subsidiary they are carried out.

Worldwide Recognition

The documents issued by TÜV AUSTRIA are highly recognized worldwide. For our customers this is the guarantee for legitimacy and acceptance bye conomy, authorities and the public in general.

Impartiality / Integrity

TÜV AUSTRIA is strictly independent of any interestgroups such as authorities, industry, trade, operatorsor any other parties.

High Availability

The services carried out by TÜV AUSTRIA do notdepend on single persons. Teams of competentexperts guarantee high availability.

International Network

TÜV AUSTRIA offers its clients in Austria comprehensive service coverage across the entire country. Internationally, TÜV AUSTRIA Group pursues focus regions: from Egypt to Singapore,

Testing Body

Manufacturers can also turn to TÜV AUSTRIA for approval procedures

Measuring and Testing Equipment

TÜV AUSTRIA has a multitude of the latest high-qualityand calibrated measuring and testing equipment atits disposal.

Customized Service Packages

By employing TÜV Austria for a row of tasks synergy effects and consequently economically more attractive all-round-packages can be achieved.

One All - Purpose Partner

The three business sectors Testing, Inspection and Certification enable TÜV AUSTRIA to better serve the needs of customers from all industries.

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