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The Quality Mark is a new certificate introduced by SASO in the market with better and enhanced benefits and paybacks.
Saudi Quality Mark is meant to support the national economy and increase Saudi exports. It means the product complies with its Saudi standard and general technical quality regulations. This definitely proves that the company has effective Quality Management System.
Furthermore, Quality Mark is presented as an important means to guide consumers to products that conform to Saudi standards.
Through Quality Mark the products gain customers' satisfaction and trust. It encourages the continuous development and improvement of the product by following modern scientific methods that improve its competitiveness in international markets.
It boosts the reputation of organizations locally, regionally and internationally.

Valid for Three Years

Win Local & Int. Quality Awards

Speedy Customs Clearance

Given to a Specific Product

Builds Trust in Your Product

Prime Objectives & Advantages of Saudi Quality Mark

It increases merchant's sales.
It is a way of constructing conventional trade infrastructures that facilitate signing export contracts with other countries.
It facilitates the entry of products through customs ports.
It facilitates the export process of the products carrying it.
Products covered such as Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Food, Construction & Building Materials

Obtaining The Quality Mark

The orgnaizations shall submit an official request to obtain a license to use the quality mark emblem or conformity certificate.

TUV Austria, Your Quality Partner

is here to help you with:

  • Steps to apply for Saudi Quality Mark
  • Verification of Your Documents
  • Testing, Inspection and Certification services if required

As a Certified Body by SASO we assist our clients in acquiring this new Quality Mark which is very competitive in Saudi market for your products.