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New SABER System

Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Org. Introduces Saber Electronic System for Businesses

About Saber

"Saber" system is an electronic service developed by SASO that helps you receive your E-Certificates of Conformity for products
conforming to Saudi standards and specifications.

It also CONNECTS you to the conformity assessment companies such as TUV Austria which are accredited locally and around the world.


Features of SABER

  • Issue conformity certificates automatically
  • Speed up issuance process
  • Reduced importation time
  • Reduction of fraud and manipulation
  • Consumer protection from non-conforming products

How Do You Benefit

  • Speedy Process of Issuing Certificate of Conformity
  • Reduced Time to Import Products including Saudi Custom Check
  • Connect with other Businesses

Role of TUV Austria

Registration on SABER System will be MANDATORY by 2019, therefore, be PROACTIVE and let
TUV Austria help you do the needful NOW

Save Your Business from unnecessary Delays
Act NOW & Register Your Products at SABER

We will assist you with

Registering Your Facility Account at SABER

Registering Your Products at SABER

How to Submit Request for Certificate of Conformity

How to Submit Request for Shipment Certificate

You Might Ask!

To make sure that your product is complying with Saudi Technical Specifications, and does not affect the health and safety of the consumer.

All products that are being sold in the Saudi market whether imported or produced locally.

Supplier and trader will be registered immediately after completing necessary registration procedure.

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