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Electrical & Electronic Appliances

•Household appliances, Energy & industry products, IT & electronic products, Lighting products
Constructions & Building Materials:
•Building Materials, Soil, Concrete, Non-Destructive Testing, Cement, Aggregate, Steel, Asphalt
•Fabric, Sewing Yarn, Garment, Carpet, Textile Accessories, Home Accessories Tents, Medical Textiles, Flags
Car Spar Parts:
•Brake Pads, Wheels, Radiators, Oil Filters, Fuses, Fuel Filter, Air Filter, and Vehicles Lamps, electrical & electronic equipment
Chemical and Microbiological Analysis:
•Microbiology:analysis of cosmetic and personal care products for the detection and enumeration of aerobic mesophilic bacteria, yeast and molds and pathogens.
•Chemistry:cosmetics, personal care perfumery and household cleaning products.
•Activity Toys, Aquatic Toys, Art and Craft materials, Construction Toys, Puzzles, Costumes, Dolls and soft filled toys
Oil & Petroleum:
•Petroleum & Chemical Products, Fuel Products, Oil, Lubricants, Solvents

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