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Board of Directors

Eng. Metab Saif AlSaif

Eng. Al-Saif joined Motabaqah Group in May 2014 as CEO Motabaqah Holding, and its subsidiaries as well, such as
- Motabaqah Trading Co. Ltd (MTC)
- Saudi Industrial Inspection Services Co. Ltd (QI)

Dr. Reinhard Preiss

Preiss holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and a MSc (Dipl.-ing.) in Process Engineering from Vienna University of Technology. He lives South of Vienna. In his free time he goes mountain biking or hiking, enjoys spending time with family and friends.


Khalid Suleiman K. Al Saleh

Khalid Al Saleh is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Motabaqah Holding Company and Managing Director of Motabaqah International Laboratories Co. He is also serving in the Board of Directors of TUV Austria, Motabaqah.

Yankı Ünal

MBA. Yankı Ünal joined TÜV Austria Group 2014 and managing director.
- TÜV Austira Türk LTSD ŞTİ.
- TÜV Austria Sila Kalite LTS ŞTİ
- Sila Industry Russia LLC.

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